Monarch Indoor Percussion Takes Drumbelt for a Spin

The Texas indoor percussion group Monarch Independent Percussion spent some time on Monday, December 28th, giving the Drumbelt a try with their ensemble.  Monarch Independent is a by-audition-only independent indoor percussion ensemble that competes in the TCGC circuit, as well as the WGI Championships in Dayton, Ohio.  

The full battery spent the day rehearsing with the Drumbelt on, and they were impressed with the results.

"I love the Drumbelt!" said tenor player Armando Gaucin.  Gaucin is a music major at New Mexico State University. "Within a couple of minutes with the Drumbelt, I noticed a huge difference. Not only did it help with my lower back pain that is caused by the heavy drums, but it had a positive impact on my marching."

Other performers in the group were equally impressed with the Drumbelt. Kris Mason, a snare performer in the group, said "The Drumbelt relieved the vast majority of the strain I feel when I wear my drum. It dispersed the pressure equally throughout my back and kept the drum secured tightly to my abdomen, making it easier to control. The more control, the farther and faster I can move. It makes wearing a drum comfortable."

Thanks to Monarch Independent Percussion, their performers, and the excellent staff, for giving the Drumbelt a shot!